Hi! Welcome to Our New Blog!

So, since the only people who are going to see this post are the authors working on it, it might be good to kind of give article ideas, guidelines, etc.

  • You can post whenever!
  • You can post whatever (obviously as long as it’s appropriate, but we know that :P)
  • If you want to edit the layout of the blog, I think the settings are set so that I’m the administrator? Yeah, I’m the administrator. So just tell me, and we’ll see what we can do!

I think that pretty much covers it, so does everybody want to do a first post?

Ideas for posts:

  • a fanfic
  • a tutorial (on anything, drawing, writing, etc.)
  • movie/book reviews
  • something you feel convicted to say
  • a post that is a list of something (like, 6 Movies that Make Me Cry, or something kinda like that)

Anyway, you can do basically ANTHING!!

Go for it, and write your first post!

*Note: Posts that have tons of pictures are good.

*Another Note: We only have three authors right now, but we can slowly add if we want, and if you guys have got recommendations, go ahead and recommend!


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