How to Make a GIF from a Youtube Video without Downloading Anything

I love gifs, but I honestly don’t want to have to download videos and software to my computer just so I can gif things. I’ve looked at tons of online gif makers, but they either have watermarks or cost a billion dollars (almost). But I finally found one! It is called Make A Gif.

You don’t actually have to sign up to make the gifs, but if you don’t want a watermark, I suggest you sign up for a (free) account. But here is how it works!

  1.           First of all, go to the site! (here:
  2. Second, sign up for the free account!Image
  3. You now have an account! You will be redirected to the home page, and you can now click on “Youtube to gif”. (I decided to make my username “bowlerhatguy” just because I really like Meet the Robinsons).                                                                                                            Screenshot (44)
  4. Once you get there, open up a new tab and find a Youtube video you want to make a gif from, and copy the video URL.Image
  5. Next, go back to the Make A Gif tab, and paste the URL into the big box at the top. Then click on “Load Video”. A screen similar to this one should appear:                                                                                    Image
  6. Now, adjust the length of the gif, and the starting time of it. Choose a name for the gif. You don’t have to put tags or put it into a category. Just click create gif! After hitting that button, it will start processing. Just be patient, because this part will last about a minute or so!                                                                                                                                                                                          Image
  7. You will now be led to this page, where you can save your beautiful creation! Notice how even though I used an HD video, the gif is grainy. This is because the colors used in gifs are limited to 256 colors, and because of the huge amount of colors, only some could be used for that gif. (I hope I explained that correctly) Oh! And in this screenshot, the gif is extremely blurry because I screenshotted it an an extremely weird time. 🙂                                 Image
  8. Save your gif! How I normally do this is, I’ll open the image up in a new tab, and then right click and click “save image as”.Image                                                                                Image
  9. Voila! Here is my new gif!                                                                                                                                        Image

*Edit: I realized later that I timed this gif wrong, so I’ll stick another one here that I like a bit better:

(I’ll have to admit that towards the end, you see a glimpse of the next scene…but oh well!)



I hope you learned from my tutorial! Have fun making gifs!

*Note: If you gif more CGI, more 3-Dish ones, they will be grainier than if you use more flat animation styles.

*Another Note: This is a really good tool for gifs, but lots of people abuse the tool by making really *weird* gifs. Just do yourself a favor and don’t ever look through the gifs that other people have made. Just make gifs and look at your own! 🙂


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