“Every fairy-tale needs a good old-fashioned villain.”

I love a good villain. I think the best part of a story can be the villain, if his story is well written. Here are some villains I really love.

Loki – The injured

Smile Loki Thor 2 Movie 2013 Wallpapers
It’s not just because he happens to be really cute. He makes you feel for him. When you see the hurt in his eyes as Odin tells him who he really is, when he understands why Thor was favored all those years, you feel sorry for him. All his actions thereafter are because of his pain. He’s evil because he is angry and hurt, and he is trying to fill the hole in his heart with power. He will never be able to heal that way though.

Moriarty – The psycho

To tell the truth, I have never seen an episode of Sherlock, but I have learned quite a bit about it from the internet. Moriarty fascinates me. Villains who commit crimes just to stop boredom are creepy and thrilling. He was the perfect counterpart for Sherlock. He makes me look forward to watching Sherlock (with Clearplay) someday.

The Master (Roger Delgado) – The gentleman

He always wears a freshly pressed suit, and has a neatly trimmed beard. He usually hypnotizes people to do his dirty work for him, but he is able to kill on his own, and will do so if the situation demands it. He’s the classic villain, and I think he is the perfect opposition for the Third Doctor.

Gollum – The unfortunate

Smeagol didn’t set out to kill his best friend. The ring called to him, warping his mind, making him commit murder, and then reducing him to the horrible wretch we all remember him as. He might have been saved – Frodo was really getting through to him – but he felt betrayed, and tried to lead the hobbit to a horrid death in the caves. I always wonder what might have become of Gollum if Faramir hadn’t interfered. Free of the ring’s grasp on his mind, he may have been a whole new person.

~ Bailey


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