Things That Make Me Smile

Hey people!  School’s out now, so I should have more time for posting (sorry that this isn’t my day, but the blog seemed a little lonely).

So I’ve been feeling rather happy lately, so I thought that I would share my happiness with you with the hopes that it would brighten your day.  Here are a few of my favorite things:





Cute babies!  I love babies.  I have a little brother, and he is like the perfect baby.  He’s got pale, soft skin, chubs all over his body, smushy cheeks, big shiny blue eyes, pink-red little lips, two pearly teeth, and fluffy blond hair.  And he’s so cheerful and cute and loving and now that school’s out I can spend more time with him!






I love my friends.  Both my online and in person ones (although I wish that could meet my online friends in person some day :).  They really make my day.  They are the nicest people I know and make me so. happy!






Singing is one of my favorite things to do.  I can’t write for pleasure like a lot of my friends can, but I can sing.  I tend to sing classical music or music from musicals since those usually sound better with stomach breathing.  I’m not great at chest breathing, partly because of asthma, but I’ve been getting better since to Frozen’s Let It Go.  But I can do a pretty good job singing with a deep breath.




Playing the piano calms me down.  I don’t actually have a piano, but I do have a Casio keyboard that has 66 keys (I think).  Now I’m not good by any means, and never play for anyone else, except for the occasional melody for my little bros, but I enjoy doing it.  My favorite song to play is In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings.




Another favorite is dancing.  I took eight years of ballet, but had to stop for a number of reasons (one of which being that my feet are too big :P).  I still like to do some of the steps around my room, especially jumps :).  Now I do more swing dances with my classmates, which is super fun.  I couldn’t find any good pictures of swing dancing, but the style that we do is country swing dancing, because it’s pretty simple and fun.




Reading is a favorite past time of mine.  Of all the books that I’ve read, I think that Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is my favorite (I’m using that word a few too many times in this post x).  I also love the Narnia series, and if you have any books suggestions, please tell me because I am always looking for more to read.

So these are a few of my favorite things that make me feel really happy.  Comment below if and tell me what makes you happy!  🙂



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