How to Build a Memory Palace

I first heard about mind palaces through BBC’s Sherlock. I thought the concept sounded fascinating – being able to store memories in special places in my mind to access whenever I willed. I did some research out of curiosity, and found that memory’s palaces are a real thing, and have been around for hundreds of years. I rounded up a group of videos I found by a youtuber named Eddy Hood which really helped me get started on my own mind palace. They focus on a few different techniques which will help you strengthen your memory. I encourage you to do additional research on your own! My mind palace is growing daily, and I already find it indispensable.

(I apologize for having so many short posts lately. I have been incredibly busy. I am planning on doing a much longer article very soon though!)

Part 1 – The Memory Palace

Part 2 – How to Make Images Interesting

Part 3 – The Major System

Part 4 – How to Remember Names



4 responses to “How to Build a Memory Palace

  1. Whoa, that is so cool! I actually looked this up before but I couldn’t find anything. I am so using this now.

    • If you try searching for “memory palace” on google instead of “mind palace”, you get a lot more results. “Mind Palace” pretty much just gets Sherlock references. You could also try searching for “method of loci”.

  2. Do you mind if I change the title name to something more like: How to Build a Memory Palace or something like that? (Typically how to titles are more grabbing of the reader) 🙂

    • Yeah, go ahead! I knew it wasn’t a very creative name, but I couldn’t think of anything. I’ve been so exhausted lately, my creativity isn’t at it’s highest. 😛 Feel free to add any tags you thing might be helpful too!

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