A New Adventure

Recently, I kissed frozen custard good bye, and hit the road. I had fun working at the frozen custard shop, but there was no future in it. So I left, and with my carefully saved cash, I bought a food trailer! Actually, I bought $1500 of it. (Custard doesn’t pay much!) My parents stepped in with the remaining cash, after receiving my promise that the trailer would pay for itself, and I would pay them back as soon as I could.

I immediately began prepping the trailer for business. There was so much to do. I had to plan a menu, buy equipment, get a business license, register the trailer, clean every inch of it, and all in two weeks – my neighbor offered us a spot to park the trailer in front of his auto shop, but he wanted us in as soon as possible.

We did a test run on Saturday. We dragged ourselves out of our warm beds at 5:30 in the morning, and were down in the trailer by 7:00. We cooked everything on the menu and gave it away to the guys at the auto shop – hot donuts, breakfast sandwiches, curly fries, burgers, hot dogs, burritos. They were more than happy to eat free food, and we got to practice before our official opening. We also learned something incredibly important: our refrigerator was broken. Regulations state that all chilled food must be kept at 41 degrees or lower. Within an hour it was up to 80 degrees in there.

It was hot in the trailer (it was hot everywhere, actually), but even with us opening the fridge periodically to get stuff out, it shouldn’t have been that overheated. We started pulling everything out, and putting some things in the small box freezer on the other side of the room (that still worked, luckily). Then we stuck a fan up behind the fridge, hoping to maybe help it vent out more and cool down. But it just wasn’t working. So we completely pulled it out, and went and bought a new on Sunday afternoon.

Monday was our first day of business. It was pretty slow. The guys from the shop came over, a trucker stopped, and then one guy came at 8:30 from graveyard shift to order a cheeseburger. It was alright though. The refrigerator was still acting up. Even though it was brand new, there just wasn’t any ventilation behind it. We pulled it out several inches, put two fans on it, and tried our very hardest not to open it any longer than was needed. It helped a little, but it was still a major problem.

After going home that day, we received a call from the health department. Before we had this spot, another food truck occupied the spot. Everyone hated him, and he refused to pay his rent, so he was kicked off the lot. He set up again around the block. He’d been watching us all day, and apparently he called the health department to come check us out. Warm welcome, yeah? But they couldn’t inspect us because we weren’t there when they showed up.

Yesterday, we brought a cooler for drinks so we wouldn’t have to open the fridge as much. But my dad got the idea to raise the fridge up off the ground on 6 inch stands. And it worked! It was 20 degrees in there all day, and some stuff actually got frost on it. The health department didn’t come around. Maybe they’ll come by today. I think I’ll be ready for them. I’m very careful about food temperatures and cleanliness, and now that the fridge is working like it should, I’m feeling hopeful.

So that’s my story for the week. It was written in a bit of a rush as I’ve got another big day ahead of me. Hope you all enjoyed it!



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