Random Bites of Wisdom

Fern and Flower

I’ve decided to post random thoughts that I have had on things in general.  They’re not particularly deep, but I found them interested, but I guess that’s not saying much since they were thought up by me.  🙂


1.  Tea is like a liquid hug. 

It really is.  When I’m feeling stressed, emotions are running high, or I’m feeling lonely, I brew myself a cup of tea.  Even in the Summer.  And it makes me feel the same way as a good hug does: warm, protected, secure, loved, happy, calm, etc.  It’s “Insta-Hug!  A hug in a mug for when you need comfort but don’t want to tell someone every single thing on your mind.”  Pineapple-banana is my favorite flavor!


2.  Composing music is as close as man can get to creating.

Just think of it.  There was once a world without certain songs, symphonies, music in it, and now the world has that.  It’s like making something out of nothing, which is exactly what creating is.  I can’t imagine my life now without the music from “Frozen”, “Tangled”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Les Miserables”, “The Sound of Music”, “Ave Maria” by Bach/Gound, Franz Beible, or Schubert, Faure’s “Requiem Mass”.  Just to name a few!


So I remember that I had a couple more that I had thought of recently, but I forgot them.  :/  But there’s two for you!


3 responses to “Random Bites of Wisdom

  1. Wait, there’s pineapple-banana TEA???? I love tea, but I’ve never had that! It sounds amazing!

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