My Top 5 Favorite Disney Movies

5. Beauty and the Beast
I am still captivated by this movie every time I see it. I really love how Belle and the Beast’s relationship progressed slowly over the course of months. And how the Beast was willing to spend his life cursed forever rather than keep her there away from her father. It’s beautiful. And also, what girl doesn’t dream of being given a library like that?

4. Peter Pan
A magical island where no one ever grows old, inhabited by a band of boys in ridiculous animal suits, a blood thirsty pirate and his sweet but stupid companion, and an ever-cheerful, firey-haired, flying boy. He takes Wendy away to this world of wonder, and even asks her to stay. This movie was like my childhood’s equivalent of Doctor Who. Peter was my first crush.

3. Tangled
This movie is perfect. Rapunzel is adorable, Eugene is the sweetest thing ever, and Mother Gothel… she’s just creepy on a number of levels. I will always ship Punzie and Eugene, and don’t you try to stop me.

2. Mulan
Mulan is such and inspiration to me. Sure, what she did was probably a bit irresponsible. But it was also brave. There were a lot of risks that she took to dress as a man and go to war. But she couldn’t let her father go to his death. And her stubborn bravery saved China.

1. The Sword in the Stone
This is my absolute favorite Disney movie. My brother and I watch it constantly. I can’t even pin down why exactly I love it so much. So many things are so random or funny. It never loses it’s magic for me no matter how many times I watch it. It seems to be one of the lesser appreciated movies, but I can’t see why. It’s completely brilliant.

And that’s all for this week! Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to comment your own favorite Disney movies! See you next week!



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