Becoming Ambidextrous

I am right handed. That’s great and all, but I’ve often considered trying to teach myself to write with my left hand as well. I have compiled a list of reasons to train yourself to use both hands.

1. If you break your main arm, you can still write with your other hand.
2. Juggling is easier with hands of equal strength.
3. You have an advantage in sports such as frisbee or basketball.
4. If your arm gets tired of writing, you can just switch to the other arm.
5. Training your other hand works the other half of your brain, stimulating creativity and brain power.
6. You can use your non-dominant hand if you ever decide to commit a crime, making it harder to pin the blame on you.

So I started writing with my left hand this week. I am still completely awful at it, but I will improve over time. Then I’ll impress people by writing with both hands simultaneously like a boss.

Have a lovely week!



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