Random Riddle

I am going off to camp this week (actually by the time this gets posted, I’ll already be at camp) so amid all the packing and long drives and general running around, I didn’t get to write out anything for the blog this week. So this post is a bit of a last minute improvisation. I want to share a riddle with you all that I heard from a friend of mine who lives in India. See if you can figure it out, and I’ll post the solution when I get back next week!

There was a man who was a thief. The police knew he was a thief. The problem was, they couldn’t arrest him because they didn’t know what he was stealing. Every day, this man would drive into New York City on a motorcycle with two huge bags on the back. One day, the police saw him driving into town and pulled him over. They opened up the two big bags. Inside, there was nothing but sand. The officers sifted through the sand, and found nothing hidden in it. “What are you going to do with all this sand?” they questioned him.
“I’m going to go into the city, and scatter it all over the streets.” Well, the police couldn’t find anything wrong with that, so they regrettably let him go.
The next day, the man was seen again, riding a motorcycle into New York City with two huge bags on the back. Again, he was pulled over. And again, the bags were sifted through, and nothing was found inside but sand. He told them he was going into the city to scatter sand all over the streets. The officers let him go, more baffled than ever.
The next day, he was there again, riding a motorcycle into New York City with two huge bags on the back. The police pulled him over, and went through the bags, and found nothing but sand. “Alright,” they said. “We know you’re stealing something. But we can’t figure out what it is. So we promise that if you tell us what it is you’re stealing, we’ll let you get away with it, and not arrest you.”
What was he stealing?

Hopefully, I did it right, and it’s not too obvious. I’m not always the best at riddles. Anyway, good luck to you all, and I’ll see ya next week!



One response to “Random Riddle

  1. I know the answer to this only because I’ve heard it before…so I won’t spoil it for anyone…and don’t worry, you didn’t make it too obvious.

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