ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Immoral?

As I’m sure many of you have seen, there is a trend going around on the internet now called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involves a person filming themselves getting a large bucket of ice water dumped on their head, and then posting it online. They can nominate their friends to do the same. The nominated people are supposed to complete the challenge within 24 hours, or they must donate money to ALS research (of course, some people complete the challenge and donate as well). ALS is a horrible disease that weakens the muscles of the body and wastes them away until eventually, the brain is affected, and the body is unable to function, causing the person to die. The Ice Bucket Challenge has significantly raised ALS awareness, and donations to their research have never been better.

It was brought up, though, that the ALS Association conducts embryonic stem cell research, which is a huge concern. Human embryos are killed for the sake of research. I did some research of my own on the internet, and found that this is true. It is a very small percentage of money that goes to this. The stem cell research program has a sole contributing donor, and most money donated will go to other research programs. You can even ask for your money not to be given in support of the stem cell research. However, it is still a little bothering to the conscience to be sending money to an organization that has no problem destroying innocent lives for the sake of their research.

Does that mean we can’t do anything to prevent ALS? Fortunately, we can. The ALS Association is not the only group trying to find a cure for ALS. I found a website with links to three different organizations that are completely moral, using adult stem cells instead of embryonic ones, and no lives are destroyed. The page also has more information about ALS and stem cell research, because my explanations are not very detailed.

So if you are nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, or if you just want to donate money for the ALS cause, you can feel free to do so with a good conscience. I encourage you to link that site in the description of your video, and urge your friends to do the same. I have not been nominated yet (it’s coming though, I can feel it), but when I am, I’m going to let people know I don’t support embryonic stem cell research, but that isn’t the only way. I’m going to be cold, wet, and guilt-free. Let’s crush ALS!


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