Meet the Authors

Hey! Since there’s five authors of this blog, we’d like to take this page to introduce ourselves.

Hi all! I’m Marie, a homeschooled, Christian, 16 year old HSP INFJ fangirl who writes, from California. I write a lot of fanfic, which I post to my own blog at, so if you want to find out more, go check it out! I hope you enjoy Marchaelary and all the stuff on it!

Hi! I’m also a Christian teenager. I’m homeschooled as well, but this is my first year so things are kinda crazy at my home in Maryland. I like drawing, writing, and reading. Oh! And I’m slightly obsessed with Disney. Slightly. I’m on Pinterest a lot as well, if you want, come follow me!

Hi there! My name is Mary, I am likewise a Christian (Catholic, to be exact), homeschooled teenager, who lives in Michigan. I like to crochet and read when I’m not doing homework, and I really love to sing! I’m in the Sherlock (BBC), LOTR, Narnia, Despicable Me, and Disney fandoms, and you can find me on Pinterest at .

Hello! I’m Bailey, I’m 18, and I’m a member of the Church of Christ. I was homeschooled my whole life, and moved a lot all over America, but I currently live in Ohio. I love reading, running, and nerding over fandoms, my favorites being Doctor Who (with Clearplay) and How To Train Your Dragon. Follow me on Pinterest!

Hi! I’m Michaela, and I’m a homeschooled Christian. I’m a, as Zac Levi would say, ‘Disnerd’, and into Marvel. I also collect dolls. Strange as it may sound, I run a doll photostory blog at . I love animals, reading, writing, and drawing…and that’s basically me!

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